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Writing is the new cool

Posted by Chris Leonard-Morgan

International Handwritng Week 1

I was planning a New Year whinge about my growing irritation with people who say that no one writes by hand any more – which couldn’t be further from the truth –  but have decided to take a more positive line as this is International Handwriting Week and tomorrow is International Handwriting Day!

There is much to be positive about.

Let’s first address the silly statement that no one writes any more.
People may be writing less by hand  – I admit to that in my own life – but most still write to some extent, however unremarkable the task in hand.  International Handwritng WeekFACT.

I will go further….with the growth in world population, I would suggest that more people are writing by hand today than ever before, either of necessity or by choice which brings me to my second point.

I am sure that today’s stylish and fashionable writing and paper products are actually driving the market and for some, even a return to the pleasure of writing.

As Paperchase’s chief executive Timothy Melgund said last week, “there is an anti-technology theme playing its part….you can show you care so much more with a card (or letter) than an email.”

Reasons to be cheerful?  Definitely.

Consumers worldwide love stationery and it is becoming fashionable to write by hand.  Stationery is hotter than ever, and writing is cool.

Happy International Handwriting Day!

This blog item was posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2016.

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