Euroffice’s Sharpie Shout

Euroffice are helping ‘GetBritainWriting’ for National Stationery Week with #SharpieShout.


How to Improve Your Handwriting

How to improve your handwriting in 10 easy tips. Want better writing? This is good handwriting advice that won’t take up too much time.



It’s like Dracula… but with stationery!

Count Macula is a member of an influential Pencilvanyan family. Everything changes when a new breed of writers arrive and take over his family’s empire, forcing him to flee. During his exile, an eccentric old man helps Macula to develop powerful abilities but when he returns, he discovers that the biggest change is yet to come.
Pencilvanya is a collaborative project between Sally Bailey, Chris Harrington, Nick Harrison and Alex Amelines.


Sheaffer Sunday Matinees – Lucy Parham and Simon Russell Beale

This film features Lucy and Simon being interviewed about their recent collaboration at St John’s Smith Square, 19th October 2014 and snippets of the concert’s music and with Simon reciting passages of diary entries and letters from (and to) the composer Debussy.


Paper Has A Great Future


100 Years of Sheaffer

Sheaffer TV advert inspired by their centennial theme of “Treasured Moments, Timeless Memories” Enjoy!


Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby laud the humble pencil

The creators of the 2012 Olympic torch and founders of Universal Design Studio laud the humble pencil in the third instalment of On Design.