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The Gift of Writing

Posted by Chris Leonard-Morgan

How times change.The Pen Shop Nearly five years ago, the London Stationery Show launched National Stationery Day and the Get Britain Writing campaign to promote the importance of writing and stationery.  We were concerned that if unchecked, digitalisation represented a major threat to the future of both and the writing of letters and cards in particular.  We were very much a lone voice. Today, hardly a week goes by without something or someone appearing in the media talking about the importance of writing by hand….or not….but at least it is being talked about. National Stationery Day is now National Stationery Week, and World Stationery Day was launched earlier this year.  And Get Britain Writing is now “Writing matters”, a message which is being promoted around the world. The most welcome change is how many companies are now promoting the importance of writing in one way or another….The Pen Shop’s “Give the Gift of Writing” is spot on, and not only at Christmas. KatieLeamon_May2015_267BOthers include Online Pens in Germany who talk about “the fashion of writing”, Pilot Pen’s #HappyWriting, Pentel’s #SavethePen and Sheaffer’s “Life stories are written”. And then there is Sean Usher’s marvellous book Letters of Note, and Letters Live.  The list goes on. On top of this, a new generation of talented young designers are helping make writing even more of a pleasure with stylish writing sets and notecards, joining the likes of Julie Bell, Crane and Smythson.  I am thinking of companies such as Studio Sarah, Katie Leamon and Esmie.  And let’s not forget all those wonderful pens out there! The battle is far from lost.  If in doubt, just read what people say on the National Stationery Week/Writing matters social media platforms. Keep writing, and have a great Christmas.

This blog item was posted on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015.

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