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Posted by Hazel Fieldwick

POS artwork for National Stationery Week is now ready and available online, free of charge, for ALL retailers to download and benefit from this year’s consumer campaign in April.

The organisers continue to make the campaign inclusive to both independent and major Writing matters
retailers by providing a Retailer POS Pack which includes everything a participating retailer needs to be able to be part of this unique sales initiative, and take advantage of the massive consumer push to buy stationery in the run up to and during National Stationery Week which starts on Monday 25 April.

National Stationery Week’s ‘Writing matters’ campaign celebrates the written word and all things stationery, and is organised by the London Stationery Show. Last year’s event generated millions of pounds worth of media coverage and new sales, with the message that writing by hand is important and has a vital part to play in personal communications, even in a digital world.

“We pride ourselves on being totally inclusive to all retailers which is why we have produced this pack, we understand how busy retailers are and for us to provide a “one stop solution” means they can get involved at the touch of their fingertips” says organiser Chris Leonard – Morgan.

Chris continues, “The Retailer POS pack includes a selection of shelf strips, posters, window vinyls, counter top displays, wobblers and much, much more. All retailers have to do is click on the link and print. There is even a template for “I’m a stationery addict” stickers!

We have taken the hard work and thinking out of this side of the campaign so they don’t have to”

To become a participating retailer and be listed free of charge on the National Stationery Week website, contact

Participating retailers’ logos will appear with a link to their website on the website. They are invited to share their plans and activities and any offers running over the course of the campaign with National Stationery Week who will share it whenever they can with its thousands of eager fans via social media and other outlets.

Sponsors for this year’s campaign are Sheaffer, Maped Helix, BIC, Staedtler and Nu: Notebooks

National Stationery Week goes global

National Stationery Week has captured the imagination of stationery users and lovers not just in the UK, but around the world with many saying they wished they had such an event in their own country.

As a result, Wednesday 27 April 2016 – the second day of the London Stationery Show and Day 3 of National Stationery Week – has been designated the second World Stationery Day.

It has its own identity and website, and will be promoted to consumers and the media worldwide, and on social media.

The message is the same, wherever you are in the world – writing matters, and is for ever.

This press release was posted on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016.

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