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Fashion and stationery

Posted by Chris Leonard-Morgan

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Not that I need any reminding with “Fashion meets Function” being the strap-line for the London Stationery Show, but a couple of shop windows I saw recently brought home to me how closely linked fashion and stationery are today. ¬†And thank goodness!

IMG-20151002-WA0000The first was Paul Smith’s in Covent Garden where a full selection of pens rather enhanced the look of a stylish jacket!

The second was Radley’s window in Bluewater in Kent where for a moment I actually thought a new IMG-20151002-WA0001stationery shop had opened.

Wherever you go or look these days you are likely to see stationery, I sometimes think it underpins our lives in more ways than we realise.

Colour, design and fashion are keeping stationery high up consumers’ list of priorities.

Keep writing!

This blog item was posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015.

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