April launch for World Stationery Day

Posted by Hazel Fieldwick

Now in its third year, National Stationery Week has caught the imagination of consumers and stationery fans around the world. Organised by the London Stationery Show, it has succeeded not only in getting people in the UK talking about stationery and the importance of writing by hand, but in bringing stationery lovers throughout the world together on Twitter and Facebook with many saying how much they wished they had something similar in their country.

As a result, Wednesday 29 April – the second day of the 2015 London Stationery Show and Day 3 of National Stationery Week – has been designated World Stationery Day.World Stationery Day


It has its own identity and website www.worldstationeryday.com , and will be promoted to consumer and trade media worldwide and on social media.

The aim of World Stationery Day is the same as for National Stationery Week, but globally – to get people around the world talking about stationery and the importance of writing by hand.

The message is the same, wherever you are – writing by hand is important, and matters.

National Stationery Week’s sponsors – Dodo Pad, Kokuyo, Maped Helix, Nu:Notebooks, Sheaffer and Zebra Pen – will be promoting the day to their international customers and consumers through their offices and associates around the world, and talking about it on social media.

National Stationery Week’s Twitter and Facebook pages and website, as well as the London Stationery Show’s, will all be used to spread the word.

#WorldStationeryDay #writingmatters  #writingisforever

This press release was posted on Friday, December 12th, 2014.

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