Don’t email it, write it!

Writing and being able to write by hand matters and is as important today as it ever was, even in an increasingly digital world.  

There are many reasons for this – it isn’t a question of just using one or the other. Click here to read the A-Z of why writing matters.

World Stationery Day celebrates the written word and all things stationery – the products which make it possible, and give pleasure to so many people.  You can never have too much stationery!

Its aim is to get people all over the world talking and writing about stationery, and why writing by hand is important. And to send more letters and cards, and not just text or email.

World Stationery Day is part of  National Stationery Week and is organised by the London Stationery Show, the leading UK trade exhibition for writing and paper products.  It’s where fashions meets function!

Keep writing!

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